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Spring Soccer 2020

The Spring program consists of teams from other Regions in Area 1D, including: Hermosa and Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne, and Westchester. The season is 10-weeks for boys and girls in the 8U though 19U divisions. *Also this year - We will have a 5U/6U/7U Spring Jamboree-style program.  Details of the jamboree division are at the bottom of this page. The spring ages will be the same as they were in the fall.  Attached is the age group guide that will apply for Spring 2020. 

The Area 1D Spring league is a secondary program designed to give players additional opportunities to play soccer throughout the Spring. The primary objective is for players to have fun while they continue to develop good soccer skills and sportsmanship. Placement on a team is not guaranteed and is dependent on several factors, including the number of applicants, number of coaches, and number of teams allowed in the Area league and subject to balanced team formation.

The League will be operated in accordance with the Area 1D Spring Rules & Regulations – coaches should be familiar with these Rules & Regulations. All teams are required to be balanced in accordance with the AYSO core philosophy.

Registration Deadline

Teams are formed and games start March 7. Registration fees are $140 per player for the Spring Program. Registration closes Feb. 15th or when the maximum number per divisions is hit.  If registration is closed the wait list is open.  We want all kids to play but we find fields and coaches.

Registration in Blue Sombrero

All players must be registered in Blue Sombrero.  Applicants who did not participate in an AYSO Fall program must register in Blue Sombrero and provide proof of birth date to the Registrar in the form of a birth certificate or passport. Applicants who participated in the AYSO Fall season in another Region must request to transfer from that Region into Region 92. The request must be approved by both Regional Commissioners and the Area 1D Director.

Any registration questions can go to [email protected] 

Team Formation

Divisions that have enough players to form a single team will be established with all players that have submitted an application by the deadline. Players may be added to the roster from the wait list up to the maximum roster thru Apr 1.

Divisions that have enough players to form more than one team must be balanced. For team balancing, the number of teams in the Division will be finalized by late February. All players who submitted applications by the application deadline will be considered in the player pool.   When the number of applicants exceeds the maximum number of roster positions available, priority shall be given to players who participated in the Region 92 Fall program. Subsequent priority shall be based on the date the application was submitted. When coaches are needed for the Division, special consideration may be given to players whose parent or guardian will coach the team. Players who submitted applications after the deadline may be added to the player pool in the order the application was received up to the maximum allowable.

Uniforms & Equipment

A uniform will be provided for each registered player on the team. The Region will also provide an extra “blood” jersey, a limited number of soccer balls, cones, and a first aid kit to each team.

Spring Rules & Regulations

Area 1D has not updated the Spring Rules & Regulations for the 2017 season.  Minimal changes are expected from last Spring.  The 2016 Rules & Regulations are available for download here: Area 1D Rules

Spring Schedules and Standings

Spring schedules and standings are posted on the Area 1D webpage at the following link: AREA 1D

ROSTER SIZE (changed this year!)

8U       (6v6) Max Roster 9
10U     (7v7) Max Roster 12
12U     (11v11) Max Roster 14
14U     (11v11) Max Roster 18
16U-19U    (11v11) Max Roster 22


For Spring player registration, AYSO is conducting a Jamboree for 5U/6U/7U together.  All children will play the weekly game against children their same age - 5 year olds will not be playing against 7 year olds.  

The Jamboree is held each Saturday morning, beginning March 7 and finishing on May 16th.  It is 8am-9am every Saturday.  Parents need to stay for the hour - and also help out!

The AYSO Jamboree format is small-sided soccer.  This means that "teams" are no more than 6-7 players and they play games of 3v3 or 4v4.  This is to give each player a lot of time on the ball and higher chances of scoring.  

It also reduces the number of interactions the developing brain has to process.  Our program is based on cutting-edge research and is developmentally appropriate for this age group.  The sessions will be managed by rotating parent "coach trainees."  What this means is that you will attend and experience each session with your child and you will rotate having a turn as "coach trainee."  

We will also have one "Master Coach" who will introduce the games or activities and then work with the parent "coach trainees" to help them lead each session.  You will be given plenty of notice for your "turn" to coach and the "Master Coach" will guide you every step of the way.  

Don't worry if you have never played soccer and think you know nothing about it:  We will teach you everything you need to know to create a positive soccer community around your child.  No coach training or certification is required for these age groups.  You will learn everything you need to know on the field on Saturdays.  If Blue Sombrero sends you an automated notice about coaching or teams, please disregard.

The sessions will include games, activities, and a scrimmage.  All of the games and activities are designed to build the basic fundamental soccer skills.  Our developmental objective is to make learning soccer FUN.  But don't be surprised if your son or daughter doesn't demonstrate perfect skills right away.  Early proficiency does not guarantee future soccer success and vice-versa.  

It is most important to keep kids having fun so that they come back to the game next season.  Some players will catch on right away and some won't "click" until they are teenagers and we need to give them the space for them to develop at their own unique pace.  It is VERY common at this age for kids to be very excited to start soccer, only to burst into tears and sit on the sidelines the first time they are engaged in a scrimmage.  Do not write off their soccer career!  Be patient, don't push, and make sure you reward the effort.

The two goals of the program are to allow the players to enjoy the activities and to let the game be the teacher.  Soccer is not a game of memorized plays and should not be taught by a coach screaming from the sidelines.  Soccer is about quick-witted decision-making and we want to develop this from a young age.  That means players are going to make mistakes, and we encourage them to do so because mistakes are how players learn.

What to Bring

Each player in the Jamboree division will receive an official AYSO jersey/uniform and a soccer ball.  Important, bring water to make sure your children are properly hydrated.  Soccer cleats are not mandatory but are recommended.  However, shin guards are absolutely mandatory for all AYSO programs. Also - you can drop the jersey/uniform in a box and I will store them for the week - 1 less thing to remember.

When and Where

The Jamboree is held at the Richmond School Fields - Mariposa and Virginia St..  Practices/scrimmages for all age groups begins at 8:00 a.m. and will last until 9:00.  Within that hour, the children will practice skills for approximately 20-30 minutes and scrimmage/play for 30-40 minutes. 

There is street parking on Saturdays and soon the Richmond TLC lot will be open.

Special Note about Teams

Due to the numbers of children involved this Spring, we are not forming permanent teams.  All 4-year olds will receive the same colored uniform, the same for 5 year olds, and the same for 6/7 year olds.  Due to limited registration from 7-year olds, 6 and 7 year olds will be playing together.  During practice each week, on-site coaches will equally divide the present kids into teams and use pinnies to differentiate teams during the scrimmages.  The teams are strictly based on the age of your child as of Feb 22nd - requests to play "up" or "down" in a different age bracket will not be honored.

Again, we look forward to a great Spring season.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] .



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