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AYSO Region 92: El Segundo

For All Coaches

AYSO is a volunteer-run organization. AYSO has developed age-appropriate coach training to help parents who may have little or no soccer experience quickly gain the age-appropriate knowledge and skills they need to be effective coaches.

If you are interested in coaching an AYSO Region 92 team (Head Coach or Assistant Coach) there are three elements that must be completed for a coach certification, listed below:

  1. Complete the Volunteer application online in Sports Connect. Volunteers who are over 18-yrs old must provide a social security number (for background check) and must complete the electronic signature.
  2. Complete the Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness and, in California, training at eTrainU:
    1. Safe Haven training focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as other on-field issues.
    2. CDC Concussion Awareness training provides the AYSO coach with current information on concussions in youth sports.
    3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest training provides the AYSO coach with current information required by California State Law.
    4. SafeSport training includes adults authorized to interact with children. This includes AYSO and it requires training on child abuse and mandated reporting.
  3. Complete the age-appropriate coach certification training. Depending on the age-group, this may be an online course or a combination of class-room and field training. A list of local in-person training opportunities is available at eTrainU.

You can access eTrainU by clicking "My Training" button on your account page after you login to this site.

Coaches will be issued a coach badge that must be worn at all games to clearly indicate to the referee and spectators that they are the coach and that he or she has completed the three requirements above. Uploading your photo into your Blue Sombrero account will facilitate the badge making process more efficiently. We will not print badges for coaches whose certifications do not show up in their Blue Sombrero account.

Field Helpers and Youth Volunteers: any parent or helper that participates in practices must also complete the volunteer application and the Safe Haven training. Youth volunteers need to be at least 12-years old.

Please note: In order to honor the balanced teams philosophy of AYSO, coach pairings, favorite coach requests, and preferred player requests will not be allowed. The system will form teams based on player ratings alone.

Fall Season Practice Sign-Up Page

The Fall season practice sign-up page will be open for coaches in late August.
- 6U, 7U, and 8U teams are allowed one 1-hour practice per week on Richmond or Brett field.
- 10U and 12U teams are allowed two 1-hour practice sessions per week on Campus El Segundo, Brett, or Richmond fields. - 14U, 16U, and 19U teams are allowed two 1-1/2 hour practices per week.

Teams may only practice during their registered time slot(s) as noted on the my signup page.

Practice sessions must follow the AYSO practice session template. For instructions on how to build an effective training session, contact your Coach Administrator.

Notes from the Annual Coach Meeting

The notes from the 2023 coach update meetings may be viewed here.

A video describing the current application of the 10U build-out line is available here.

Coaches Clipboard

Here you will find resources for our AYSO coaches as well as planning materials.

Coach Courses

6U and 8U courses are available online at eTrainU.  The 8U course is required for coaching at both the 7U and 8U level.

The 10U and 12U courses have an online portion and a field portion. These courses are also offered in person at various times – these course can be completed in any Region. Coaches must pre-register for in-person courses in eTrainU. Certification for a higher age group does not satisfy the requirement for age-specific certification at a lower age group – coaches must be certified in the age appropriate division.

The Intermediate certification is required for 14U.

The Advanced certification is required for the 16U and 19U Divisions.

Challenger Sports

Challenger Sports will provide Coach Mentoring throughout the Fall season. Each week, coaches will be able to sign up online to have a Challenger Sports Mentoring Session. All Coaches will also be assessed for at least one practice and one game per season so that Challenger Staff can provide valuable feedback to help improve the skills of our region’s coaches. The results will be shared 1 on 1 and Q&A is available.

Click here for the signup sheet for Coach Mentoring by Challenger Sports Coaches.

Game Cards

See the example online which shows how to properly fill out your Game Cards for the 10U/12U/14U Divisions.

For more information please contact Jordan Stewart, the Region 92 Coach Administrator, at [email protected]

Special Resources for 6U Coaches

Special Resource for new 6U Coaches: Free Practice Session Outlines

Below are some free 6U practice sessions developed by Kelly Watson for your use. Coaches of older divisions can build on these to develop more advanced sessions as well.

Coaches of older divisions can build on these to develop more advanced sessions as well.

Coaches: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a specific coach for my child?

No. The only players who will get paired with a specific coach are the coach’s own child. Our teams are formed using an automated system so they are formed without politics or prejudice in accordance with the AYSO philosophy of balanced teams. We do not allow team stacking, coach draft, or any other manipulation to this system, including coach requests. Your child will get to experience many different coaches and coaching styles throughout their soccer journey.

Can I request to be paired with my child’s friends?

No. In accordance with the AYSO philosophy of balanced teams, the system will automatically and randomly form teams based on player ratings done by coaches in the previous year. We do not allow team stacking, coach draft, or any other manipulation to this system. Your child will form new, lasting friendships as part of their soccer journey.

Can I request to coach with a specific assistant coach?

No. In support of the above system and philosophy, we do not pair coaches by request. We understand that it may be appealing from a logistics perspective but that would artificially pair players and take the random selection out of the process. We prioritize using the random system distribution for the players and hope that from there, a sufficient number of assistant coaches will step up. You will form new, lasting coach friendships as part of your soccer journey. Having fair and balanced teams of players is our top priority.

If I coach, does that mean I can pick my team?

No. See above. We do not implement a draft in AYSO Region 92.

If I coach, can I pick my practice times?

Yes. A practice link will come out in early Sept for you to chose your time slot.

How do I become a coach or assistant coach?

First, login to your account and click volunteer roles and sign up to be a coach or assistant coach in the division(s) you want to coach in. Next, click on the eTrainU tab and take the safe haven and concussion awareness classes in “my classes”. Click all the way through to completion and download the certificates in case you are ever asked to show proof of completion in future. Next, you need to get age-level coach certified. If you are in 6U, 7U, or 8U, you can take the 6U and 8U (which covers 7U) classes online. If you are in 10U and above, you need to take the classes in person. Note, there is a 10U online class which allows you to then take a slightly shorter 10U field session but the field session is still an in-person class. Also, all 12U classes have an online prerequisite that must be done before the in-person class. To register for the in-person classes, go to eTrainU and look up a date/time/location that works for you. Register for the class. (*Note, when you complete the in-person class, your instructor will be able to credit your account with the proof of completion if you have registered for the class. Failure to register for the class means the instructor cannot credit you for the class. Register for the class please.) Finally, upload your headshot photo to your account so a coach/assistant coach badge can be printed to prove you are allowed to coach.

What if I was a coach before, how do I sign up this year?

Login to your account and click volunteer roles and sign up to be a coach or assistant coach in the division(s) you want to coach in. If you are coaching a new age level, then you will need to get that age-level certification. Go to eTrainU for all classes. You will not need to re-take safe haven or concussion if you have done them previously. To see what certifications you have, go to volunteer roles in your account to see the list.

What if I can’t see my certifications?

This happens when coaches either create a new id or never properly synced their account from when the system changed in 2017. If you have multiple ids, they can be synced by the registrar. Send him/her an email. If you cannot see certifications from the previous eAYSO system, then let the registrar know so we can put in a trouble ticket for AYSO National to fix.

Do I have to be certified if I just want to “help out” with my child’s team?

Yes. For insurance reasons, (and different from little league and other youth sports), all AYSO coaches and assistant coaches or anyone who will be helping out on the field with kids must be age-level coach certified. Either sign up to coach and get the credentials or cheer with the other parents on the bench.

What happens if some of my players have a conflict with the practice time I chose?

While we would like to accommodate everyone’s schedules, it is not possible for that to happen. If a player cannot make practice due to another commitment, that is their choice to miss practice. However, all players, regardless of practice attendance, are still required to play ¾ of every game they attend.

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