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Fall 2020 Program Information

The Weekday Practice Schedule has been updated as of November 10 at 9:20PM.  As you can see, there are very few slots left.

A couple of teams have had their field shifted and in some cases their start time adjusted by 10 minutes. We apologize for the changes, but they were necessary to allow coaches with two teams to have back to back practices on the same field and/or to allow a coach to have the same field for both weekly practices.

A calendar view of the overall schedule can be downloaded as a PDF at the following link.

Practice Schedule 11-10-20 rev 2.pdf

For an easier to read version, the following table has been sorted by Division and Coach. If you notice any difference between the two versions, please let Pat Stanford know.

Schedule Sorted by Division
CoachDivisionDayStart TimeEnd TimeField
GrubbsB06Thursday4:105:00East South
GrubbsB06Wednesday5:006:00East North
HartB06Tuesday5:106:10West South
HartB06Wednesday4:105:00West South
BassB07Monday4:105:00East South
BassB07Wednesday4:105:00East South
HalpineB07Monday4:105:00West South
HalpineB07Thursday4:105:00West South
MeyerB07Monday4:004:50West North
MeyerB07Tuesday4:004:50West North
PhelpsB08Friday5:006:00East North
PhelpsB08Tuesday5:006:00East North
BraffB10Monday4:004:50East North
BraffB10Thursday4:004:50East North
MeyerB10Monday5:006:00West North
MeyerB10Wednesday6:107:10West North
NicolB10Friday5:006:00West North
NicolB10Wednesday5:006:00West North
WantsB10Monday6:107:10West North
WantzB10Thursday5:006:00West North
WeissauerB10Wednesday6:107:10East North
WissauerB10Monday6:107:10East North
KeithB12Tuesday5:006:00West North
KiethB12Thursday4:004:50West North
O'ConnerB12Friday6:207:20East South
O'ConnerB12Tuesday5:106:10East South
O'DonnellB12Thursday5:106:10East South
O'DonnellB12Wednesday5:106:10East South
WhelanB12Friday5:106:10West South
WhelanB12Monday6:207:20East South
ChildsB14Monday7:308:50East South
ChildsB14Thursday7:208:40West North
IssockB14Friday7:208:40East North
IssockB14Wednesday5:106:10West South
MadaraszB14Thursday7:308:50West South
MadaraszB14Tuesday7:308:50West South
ReyesB16Thursday7:208:40East North
ReyesB16Tuesday7:208:40East North
ToledoB16Tuesday7:308:50East South
ToledoB16Wednesday7:308:50East South
JohnsonB19Thursday7:308:50East South
JohnsonB19Wednesday7:308:50West South
WeinbaumG06Tuesday4:004:50East North
WinbaumG06Friday4:004:50East North
NicolG07Friday4:004:50West North
NicolG07Wednesday4:004:50West North
CookG08Friday4:105:00West South
CookG08Tuesday4:105:00West South
BrookG10Monday5:106:10West South
BrookeG10Thursday5:106:10West South
HarveyG10Monday5:006:00East North
HarveyG10Thursday6:107:10East North
McFaddenG10Thursday6:207:20West South
McFaddenG10Tuesday6:207:20West South
PimentalG10Friday6:107:10West North
PimentalG10Thursday6:107:10West North
StewartG10 TravelMonday7:208:40West North
CamarilloG12Tuesday6:107:10West North
CamarilloG12Wednesday7:208:40West North
DavidsonG12Friday6:107:10East North
DavidsonG12Wednesday4:004:50East North
GormleyG12Friday5:106:10East South
GormleyG12Monday5:106:10East South
StewartG12Thursday5:006:00East North
StewartG12Tuesday6:107:10East North
CamarilloG12 TravelTuesday7:308:50West South
HowardG14Tuesday6:207:20East South
HowardG14Wednesday6:207:20East South
McFaddenG14Friday6:207:20West South
McFaddenG14Monday6:207:20West South
CamarilloG14 TravelFriday7:308:50East South
JohnsonG16Thursday6:207:20East South
JohnsonG16Wednesday6:207:20West South
WendelbergerG19Monday7:208:40East North
WendelbergerG19Wednesday7:208:40East North
OPENFriday4:105:00East South
OPENFriday7:208:40West North
OPENFriday7:308:50West South
OPENMonday7:308:50West South
OPENTuesday4:105:00East South

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